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Liturgical Groups

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In addition to the ordained ministries (bishops, priests and deacons), some roles in the Liturgy are exercised by lay people who place their time and talent at the service of the liturgical assembly as acolytes (altar servers), lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, cantors, choir members, instrumentalists, leaders of song, and ushers. Others contribute their time and talent to planning and organizing the Liturgy; to keeping the church and the vestments, vessels, and appointments clean and well ordered; or to providing decorations that reflect the spirit of the liturgical feast or season.

Our Liturgical groups are active in many areas.
For additional information about a particular organization, please contact the person listed as responsible for the administration of that group.

Religious Education . John Sengewalt, DRE, 540 955 5083
Office hours Wednesdays 6 to 8 pm, Saturdays 1 to 3 pm,Sunday after class until1 pm.Other times by appointment.

CCD classes: Sundays 10:15am in Hobert Hall Classrooms

As Father krempa Reminds us
"Handing on the Faith is an important part of the churche's life. We are all catholics because someone took the time to hand on the Faith to us."

Substitute CCD teachers for all grade levels are also needed. For more information call John Sengewalt at 540 955 5083 or contact him at

Lectors Scheduler - Chet Lewandowski 540 955 0381 or
The office of Lector (or liturgical reader) is one of the oldest recorded ministries in the Church. An important office in the early Church, the lectorate went into decline in subsequent centuries, becoming little more than a stepping stone to the priesthood, before its revival after the Second Vatican Council. In the early days of the Church, the lector not only read the biblical texts (except the Gospel) at liturgical assemblies, but also, by virtue of his responsibility for the Word of God, he was called upon to literally safeguard the Sacred Books during the persecutions, keeping them from falling into the hands of the persecutors who would certainly destroy them. While reading ability was (and is) a necessary qualification, a candidate's holiness was (and is) considered essential for installation as a lector. The duties of a lector today are primarily to read the word of God (except the Gospel) at Mass and to recite the psalms between readings in the absence of a psalmist. In addition, the lector presents the general intercessions and reads the announcements before the congregation is dismissed. If you would like to volunteer for this ministry, contact the rectory at (540) 662-5858

St. Bridget's Lectors: Warren Arthur, Carl Hales, Patricia Hepner
Nancy Juday, Chet Lewandowski, Martha Myer, Ellen Adams-Pesto
Maura Rhodes, Michael Ware

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Scheduler: Chet Lewandowski 540 955 0381 or
Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are lay persons deputed by the diocesan bishop, to distribute Holy Communion at Eucharistic celebrations under defined conditions and to distribute Holy Communion outside of liturgical celebrations. They are commissioned by the bishop after being trained by the diocese for this role. The main qualifications for this function are personal holiness, love of the Eucharist, and desire to serve Our Lord by bringing Him to others.
All candidates are identified by the pastor and are required to participate in a one-day training session offered by the diocese. After they successfully attend this session, they are appointed by the bishop to serve for a period of 5 years and are commissioned at the parish during Mass.
In addition to assisting the priest in distributing Holy Communion at Mass, Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion bring the Sacrament to parishioners who are unable to attend Mass because of illness, infirmity, or old age.
If you would like to volunteer for this ministry, contact the rectory at (540) 662-5858

St. Bridget's Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Jodie & Richard Bonett, Barbara Brodbeck, JoAn & Dick Drake, Julie Duncan
Jean Malucci, Larry Dillon, Rebecca Snyder, Joe Callahan
Meg Roque, Stacy Sefton

Altar Servers Scheduler: John Sengewalt at 540 955 5083 or at
St. Bridget's is blessed with very involved youth who serve our church every Sunday, Holy Day, holiday, funeral and wedding by aiding Father as altar servers. St. Bridget's allows both boys and girls to serve in this capacity. Girls first began serving at St. Bridget's in 2006. Rachel Sefton was the first girl to serve a Mass at St. Bridget's. Altar Servers must be in at least the fourth grade, be responsible, be active members, attend church regularly, know the Mass and have received their appropriate sacraments. Those interested contact the scheduler who then sets up training sessions prior to participation in the Mass.

Servers lighting candles

St. Bridget's Altar Servers: Rory Adams,
Sean Alfaro, Audrey Bartlett, Andy Bonett,
Russell Bonett, Russell Brondstater,Addison Cox
Ezra Doyle-Naegeli, Zephir Leary, Madeleine Leeds
James Mahe, Fernando Mendietta, Regan Meyer
Patrick Russman, Kathryn Shoemaker,Claire Snyder
Robbie Spezzano, Mallory Upson, Brayden West
Noelle Whalen, Pat Whalen, Joseph Ziercher

Music Ministry Tricia Russman at 540 955 0569 or
Choir practice schedule: Wednesdays, at 6:30 PM. .

Ushers are the friendly greeters who welcome and assist parishioners and visitors to St. Bridget's

Head Usher: Jim Willis 540 955 7001 or


Mike Malucci:
John Sengewalt:
Pat Scorea:
Bob Lyles:
McCoy Gilkison

Choir Loft
Bob Mackintosh:
Rich Bonett:
Fred Curtis:
Paul Doyle:

Ushers Duties- Open doors prior to the beginning of Mass
Welcome parishioners and help seat them at the beginning of Mass
Pick a family to bring up the "Gifts" and insure they know what to do
Collect the offerings and place in the sealed bags
Help parishioners assemble for Communion
Hand out Church bulletins at the end of Mass
Collect undistributed bulletins and place them in the Narthex
Perform other duties as Father requests