Saint Bridget's in Shenandoah Valley

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September 28th 2014
Women's Club Hosts Fellowship Breakfast

Donut Sundays
A joy for all
Bishop Loverde Dedicates
Hobert Hall
Our Faith Community celebrated a significant milestone on Sunday, September 15th 2013. Bishop Loverde concelebrated Mass with Father Krempa at Saint Bridget Chapel in the Field. Following Mass, the Bishop blessed Chet Hobert Hall and each of its CCD Classrooms. Then with the Children of Chet Holbert and all the members of our Faith Community, he enjoyed a delicious brunch prepared by the Women's Club. Many now look foreward to a future when Saint Bridget's will become the first Catholic Parish in Clarke County.
As Father Krempa noted in in our Parish Bulletin following the dedication: " Hobert hall has already triggered an increase in parish activities along with our Sunday Religious Education program in the classrooms downstairs. As our debt is paid and we build a rectory, we can then look forward to becoming a parish. I will address this process in more detail at the Saint Bridget's website"
Saint Bridget's Youth Ministry
Sponsors Doughnut Sunday

Saint Bridget's 2013 Picnic
at the Mackintosh Farm
Bob and Ellie Mackintosh once again hosted the annual Saint Bridget's Community event on their farm on Rockdale Lane. Entertainment by the Sweet Adelines and Beth and Mike Blye added to the enjoyment of those adults gathered in the shade and on the porch for great home cooking and conversation on an extremely hot Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, the threatened rain did not arrive until after Sunday Mass the following day. The younger set enjoyed the food, the animals and the games orchestrated by Nancy Juday who also officiated the Tug-OF-WAR.
Lenten Dinners in
Chester A. Hobert Hall
Father Krempa led members of Saint Bridget's faith community in the Stations of the Cross on the first Friday of Lent. Prior to the start of those devotions in the Church, the "Fryers" and the "Chip Monks" of the Saint Bridget Men's Club prepared and served a Lenten fish dinner in Hobert Hall. The fish fry served as the one "full meal" that may be taken on Friday's during Lent. The event was well planned and superbly executed. It served both as a test of the new facility's kitchen and an opportunity to enjoy a communal meal at the end of the day.
The initial Lenten Meal was so well received,that it has become a continuing Friday evening event during the remainder of Lent (except Good Friday). The following images were taken at the first event and supplemented with pictures taken on subsequent Fridays. The Youth Group of Saint Bridget's hosted a pasta Lenten Dinner on March 8th. And, at the final Lenten meal, the Saint Bridget's Women's Club offered diners a unique opportunity to purchase jewelery and a variety of charming seasonal items all hand crafted by the talented members of the SBWC Crafters.
"Dimanche Gras" at
Chester A. Hobert Hall
On February 10th, an open house "walk through" offered members of the Saint Bridget Community an opportunity to visit the new facility, mingle in the spacious main gathering hall and view the class rooms and administrative office spaces before all the furnishings are in place. It turned out to be much more than a mere walk through. It was more like the last gustatory fling before the beginning of Lent- a Dimanche Gras if you will. The Ladies of Saint Bridget's outdid themselves - treating the walkers-through with a plethora of culinary masterpieces complete with a traditional New Orleans "King Cake".

Chester A. Hobert Hall opens
Less than a year after Father Krempa turned the first shovel of earth to commence construction, Hobert Hall is nearing completion. On the first Friday of Lent, a Lenten Dinner will be served from 5pm to 7pm in the Hall before Stations of the Cross in the Church at 7:30pm. With that in mind, several members of the Women's Club and Men's Club attended a "Kitchen Seminar" conducted by the contractor on January 29th to demonstrate how to operate and care for Hobert Hall's beautiful commercial kitchen.
Hobert Hall Progress
Construction was virtually completed in 2012 and a "Walk-Through" scheduled for church members on February 10,2013. When completely furnished, the Hobert Hall will include 10 classrooms for Religious Education, three administrative offices, a kitchen and large hall to accommodate up to 250. These slides track interior and exterior construction progress during 2012 commencing on that Sunday when the first shovels of earth were turned.
Saint Bridget's Chapel at Christmas 2012.
Thanks to the the many volunteers young and old who decorated Saint Bridget's for the Christmas Season
and to the Photographer who recorded their work.
Saint Bridget's Second Annual
Spaghetti Diner and Crafts Show
The day had warmed up nicely, the food was great, and the setting perfect for parishoneers to enjoy the spaghetti, salads and the variety of pies cakes and cookies provided by the women of Saint Bridget's. The Youth group of Saint Bridget's and the Men's club pitched in to set-up, serve and clean-up after the event. The crafters of the women's club offerred an impressive array of hand-crafted items for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And parishoners used the chance to purchase the unique and beautiful items.
Saint Bridget's Picnic 2012
The picnic was again hosted by Bob and Ellie Mackintosh (ably assisted by Cameron) at the Rockdale Farm. The day was warm and sunny, the food was great and the setting perfect for parishoneers to relax and socialize. Amanda Mckintosh and her "Nashville Friends" provided the entertainment for adults. Nancy Juday was the children's game-master.